Lady A postpones tour for Charles Kelley's 'journey to sobriety'

Country trio Lady A has postponed its upcoming tour to support member Charles Kelley, who has "embarked on a journey to sobriety."

The group shared the news on social media Thursday morning.

""We are a band. But more importantly...we're family. We're proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety."

"So, right now in order to be the healthiest, strongest and most creative band we can be, Lady A will take the time with the support of our families and team of professionals to walk through this together."

"It's early on this road, but we are determined to do what will best set us up for many more years together."

The band says ticketholders will be contacted in the coming days with new information.

The band's 2019 album, "Ocean," includes the song "Be Patient With My Love," which Kelley co-wrote.

“That was my autobiography right there," he told People in 2019. "Just really struggling with my drinking, struggling with my spirituality, and what I really wanted to get out of this life and just being bored.”

"I'm comin' back to the man that I was," he sings on the track. "So please don't give up/ Be patient with my love."

Lady A was set to kick off their "Request Line Tour" at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on August 13

A new collaborative single with Breland, "Told You I Could Drink," will be released tomorrow.