Beyoncé to Remove Ableist Slur From Song ‘Heated’ After Backlash

After being criticized by disability advocates, Beyonce has decided to remove the word "spaz", from her new song "Heated".

A representative for Beyonce told Rolling Stone that the word "Heated" will not be used in a dangerous way.

Beyonce sings the phrase twice in "Heated," singing, “Spazzin’ on that ass,” "Spazzin’ on that ass, that ass," "Heated" and "Spazzin’ on that ass,

that ass," "spaz" is derived form "spastic" and has been used for years as a slur to describe people with disabilities, particularly cerebral palsy

Lizzo was subject to similar criticism six weeks ago for using the same word in one of her songs, "Grrls".

Lizzo then apologized and stated that she would not promote derogatory language.

I have been abused as a fat black American woman and I know how to overcome it.

I am an artist and a leader. I want to be part of the positive change that I have been waiting for.

Among the advocates who criticized Beyoncé’s use of the word was Hannah Diviney, who also played a role in bringing attention to Lizzo’s use of the word.